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Photo Friday: Opening Day

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Team Kids Go West really likes baseball. For us, spring means sunshine, poppies, and baseball. We watch it on TV, we go play it with our Little League team, and we play hooky to go cheer our team at AT&T Park. (Don’t judge.)

It’s opening day here in San Francisco and we’re cracking open our boxes of Cracker Jack to celebrate. Here are a few baseball-inspired photos to get the party started. Go Giants!

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Red Dawn on I-5

Red Dawn

It was Saturday, and I had been up since 4:30 in the morning. After a long week at work, I was bit grouchy about the whole getting-in-the-car-for-a-seven-hour-drive thing. Looking ahead to a long, uneventful stretch of road between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

Then the sun rose up through the haze, and I got a bit of the sublime on that early morning drive. It made me forget I wanted a second cup of coffee. Well…almost.

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