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Got Nothing But Love

Dear Stick-in-the-Sand Poet,

I couldn’t agree more.



P.S. This is San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in January.

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An Afternoon at Doggie Beach

IMG_1623_1When I dream of getting away from it all, I usually picture myself on a quiet beach with a good book and the lull of the waves. In other words, I don’t picture myself on Doggie Beach with a bunch of canine friends, sandy poop, and frisbees whizzing past my head. Yet, this is one of the stops I will have to make on a road trip to Southern California this summer. Why? Because my son is in love with Cooper the dog. We will be visiting a family friend and her pet wonder dog while we’re in San Diego, and that can only mean that we’ll also be going to San Diego’s premiere beach for dogs. My son is in the I-want-a-cute-doggie stage, so he could spend hours playing catch with Cooper. In fact, that’s the part of the trip he’s probably the most excited about (sorry San Diego Zoo pandas). So I will have to accept this part of our itinerary and hope that there won’t be any black fur balls landing on my lap this time. Seriously, there was this little guy that flew over my shoulder and landed on my lap last time we were there. It’s no Hanalei Bay, but Doggie Beach is still a pretty cool place to spend an afternoon.

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