About Kids Go West

This little ol’ place on the web hopes you can get these few things out of it:

  1. Inspiration for  you to get in the car, plane, train, or boat with those adorable kids of yours, even if it is against every instinct in your body.
  2. Find out about some of the totally awesome places to go with kids in California (oh yeah, and those other states).
  3. Get a few laughs out of the trials and tribulations of the author’s travel with her adorable kid.
  4. Learn the meaning of a Geek Stop, because you’re dying to know.
  5. Get lucky and maybe find a nugget of wisdom, a tip, or a resource for your travels.

So go on now…click away.


Carolina enjoys long walks on the beach, but those haven’t happened as much since her adorable niño became her beach companion. Nowadays, she sees a different side of travel. Traveling with a child means she gets to run through airports with a car seat and play UNO 20 times a flight, but it also means she gets to practice building a lot more sandcastles.

When she is not traveling, she can be found molding young minds as a public school teacher and sharing her stories as a freelance writer.


All the places and products I write about, I generally pay for out of my own pocket. If I do receive any complimentary services or products, I will let my readers know. I may not take many things too seriously, but giving thorough and honest reviews of destinations and products is something I do take very seriously.