Got Nothing But Love

Dear Stick-in-the-Sand Poet,

I couldn’t agree more.



P.S. This is San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in January.

Linking up to Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday.

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7 Responses to Got Nothing But Love

  1. Lisa @ Oahu Mom

    What a great picture! Really liked your comments on it

  2. Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  3. Fantastic capture! I love ocean beach too.

  4. Clever post!

  5. Tiffany Tolman

    Dude! Wait, is that writing as big as it looks? And where
    are you standing to get such a fantastic photo? I love the blue the
    in the corner. I love the color in the ocean from the para-sail.
    You’re readers are right. That says it all.

  6. @Tiffany, so the writing was pretty big…somebody had a whole lot of love to share. I was standing up on the cliff by my car, where my kid sat complaining about me pulling over to take pictures. It figures.

  7. Gorgeous photo. I think it’s worth the kids complaints to
    get that shot.

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