Frogs: Real and Imagined

While we were in Kauai, we got to do a family tour of the Na Aina Kai Garden. It was a kid paradise and the tour was one of the highlights of our trip. The garden is known for its many beautiful sculptures. IMG_0269_1I noticed a frog pattern in my photos of the garden. There were frog sculptures here and there.
IMG_0266_1And then the guide pointed out this real teeny, tiny froggie, which my son immediately put in his hand. The frog immediately hopped out of his hand. I barely had time to snap this picture.IMG_0265If my son had his way, he would have spent more time by the pond looking for an even bigger frog. I think he would have liked to be that boy in the sculpture.

I’ll be writing a more informative post about our tour at the Na Aina Kai Gardens soon (when report card week is over at my day job). Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Frogs: Real and Imagined

  1. In our neighborhood there is a massive frog fountain, I wonder if it was inspired from these gardens! Good luck with parent-teacher week!

  2. I love frogs. I know they are slimy and slippery but they are so fun, especially for kids. I had a fun time hanging out wiht the frogs on my recent trip to Oahu. There is just something about them…

  3. it goes without saying, i LOVE frogs. but i’ll say it again, i LOVE frogs. they are just about the coolest animals for so many reasons! a great time to look for D to look for his frogs might be in the spring and early summer, near vernal ponds! frogs and tadpoles love em bc no predators!

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