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Pictured: Creatures, Great but Small

It often happens that whenever we’re out and about, we’ll come across a little animal and my son will utter the following words: “Take a picture of it”. So we do. That’s why my photo library is littered with tiny animals. I don’t have the camera or photographic skill to even capture these little animals in any sort of interesting way. Well, I’ll admit that I don’t even try. I’m just taking the photos because I’m appeasing my son.

But whatever the reason, or the outcome, these photos capture some of the little moments on our trips. They also show that young kids will find something interesting wherever they go. You may be standing next to the most awesome of all natural wonders, but your kid will spend most of the time fascinated by the little gecko under the rock. So here are some of the truly fascinating creatures that have crossed our path (often literally) on our travels. Get out those magnifying glasses. Oh, and my favorite are the dung beetles.







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Cool Kids’ Calendar Planner

IMG_2487All the cool kids know how important it is to keep our beaches clean. They also know about what happens to all those little bits of plastic if they float out to sea: they become the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. One of the best ways to stop this floating garbage patch from growing is to keep our coast and waterways clean.

This Saturday, September 19 is the California Coastal Cleanup Day. Find a drop-in location near you and make it a beach day this Saturday. We got some cleaning up to do.

Today’s Tip: Plan and Collaborate With Google Maps

Planning trips with a lot of other people can be as much fun as riding the bus at rush hour. You may be making out you itinerary, but so are your trip partners. You can wait to share the dueling plans a the airport, or you can use technology to help all of you get on the same page before the trip.

I like to use the collaboration tool on Google maps. I had already been using Google maps to help plan out my trips, but now, when I’m going on a trip with other people, I can use Google maps to help with my trip planning.

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One person creates the map initially and saves it.  For example, I created a map for my recent trip to Maui. Then, I clicked on the collaborate link on the sidebar of my map and invited my sister to join me in creating this map through an email. She then had access to the same map and we both edited it together. I was good at adding restaurants and attractions, my sister was the go-to girl when it came to finding the best snorkeling beaches and the directions to their parking lots. Together, we created one super map for our trip and found a convenient way to share any new trip research with each other.

The cool part is (yes, it gets better) that we can keep adding stuff to the map long after our trip has ended. We can add photos of places we visited and save the map as a reference for all our future trips to Maui. I foresee many more trips to Maui, so I know this map will just get more and more pins on it.