Today’s Tip: On Riding Disney’s Monorail

It’s hard to make the monorail at Disneyland even more exciting for a train-loving boy, but it is possible. How? Just ask for the VIP seating in the front engineer’s car. It seems more exclusive than it really is. All you have to do is inform one of the monorail attendants on the platform and they’ll direct you to a special waiting area. They don’t let more than 5- 6 people at a time in the front car, so you may have to wait a bit longer. We went during the off-season and only had to wait about 5 more minutes, if another group was ahead of us.

It’s worth the wait if you’re with a young child and you want to make the trip more of a “ride” than a mode of transport. You’ll get an 180 degree view of the park as you cruise along, and your child will feel super special. 


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7 Responses to Today’s Tip: On Riding Disney’s Monorail

  1. Bridget Smith

    This is a great tip. I need to get more info about the Monorail. Can you ride it even if you aren’t staying in a hotel?

    It must be Themepark tip Tuesday because I have also have a post with a themepark tip today. I wrote about Lego Star Wars Weekend, which your little boy will love when he gets a we bit older. Stop by and say hi

  2. Hi Bridget, you can ride it from Tomorrowland station, or you can board it at Downtown Disney. All you need is park admission. It use to have a station at Disneyland Hotel, but it doesn’t anymore, you have to walk into Downtown Disney.

  3. Oh that smile is worth the 5 minutes… heck, 10 MINUTES at least! But, he may not be smiling by then.

    Your mention of the Disney monorail reminded me of a story about AllThingsBD‘s dad. He used to ride the monorail like he did a rollercoaster. He’d throw his arms in the air and scream like a loon. Oh man, he was hilarious! I doubt the people on the monorail thought so, though.

  4. you know who

    when the time is right for a disney trip, i am so going to consult your services (or do a search on your blog for disney) dagnabbit.

  5. Amy @ The Q Family

    That’s great to know. I have never thought about asking for this. My son is a train fanatic. He actually only wants to visit Magic Kingdom in Disney World so that he can ride the monorail. Next trip, I will make sure to request this. It will be a big treat for him. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Amy @ The Q Family


    I also want to let you know that I gave you ‘One Lovely Blog Award’

    It has been fun discovering your blog and I truly enjoyed reading them!

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