Today’s Tip: Disneyland During Spring Break

thumbs-upEvery time I hear one of my friends say they’re going to Disneyland for Spring Break, I wince and tell them: DON’T!

As many of you already know, I’m a teacher so my vacation schedule has been tied to school calendars even before my own kid was in school. So when my son was a wee toddler, I decided to take him to Disneyland the week after Easter. I had thought that this was the perfect time to take him: I had a whole week off, and the weather had turned warm and beautiful after a month of miserable storms. Besides, it had to be better than going during the blistering and busy summer months. Right?

Uh, the answer is no.

Disneyland is just as busy during Spring Break as it is during summer vacation. There will be over an hour wait for Dumbo, you will have to karate-chop somebody with your umbrella stroller to get on the parking tram, and the price tag for all this family fun will still be the same.

If you want to visit Disneyland in Spring, and don’t want to pull your kids out of school, you will have better luck if:

1. You go during the middle of the week, rather than on a weekend.

2. Your kids’ Spring Break is not the week after Easter. Most southern California districts have this week off every year.

3. Go on the Thursday or Friday before Memorial Day.

4. Adjust your expectations. You may not get to go on as many rides, but with a little planning, you can still have a good vacation.

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9 Responses to Today’s Tip: Disneyland During Spring Break

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  2. Debbie Dubrow

    Good advice!

    For what it’s worth, we were at LegoLand (about 1 1/2 hours south of Disneyland in Carlsbad) this Sunday, and because it rained in the morning the park was pleasantly empty for the rest of the day – I don’t think we waited in a single line!

  3. iNeverGetLost Team

    My favorite time to go to Disneyland is when the weather is completely dismal. The more rain the better because the kids don’t care and you can get on all the great rides! The only bad part is not getting to see the parade.

  4. I would rather get rained on, than wait an hour in any line with a small child. So yes, I would go to Disneyland on a rainy day, for sure.
    @debbie Awesome you got a great weekend at Legoland. It makes it so much more relaxing and worth the admission ticket.

  5. I couldn’t agree more! I would also rather go in the rain than wait in line for an hour with my kids. As a matter of fact I have gone in the rain and its fun! I do have to go to Disneyland on April 18th for a bachelorette weekend and its a Sunday and I just thanking God I have a season pass because normally I would not want to pay to stand in line all day.

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  7. Before kids, I ended up in Orlando during spring break. What did I learn – find the polar opposite of Disney/kids activities and you may find Nirvana. My find was the Giorgio Armani outlet which was having such an incredible sale I bought four pairs of shoes for $125. Four pairs of classic, leather Giorgio Armani (and Armani exchange) shoes at an average of $32 a pair (retail for most was in the hundreds). Just saying, spring break in the land of Disney can have some advantages (and 6 years later I still have all four pairs).

  8. My family and I go to Disneyland at least twice a year, so we know most of the in’s and out’s. My advice is if your are going during spring break, make sure you are prepared for the lines. First of, They will be long, but it is totally worth it. If you have younger kids make sure that you have water and snacks, and those little fans are great too! All 10 of my family are older, the youngest is 13. We usually have a pack of cards or a good conversation to talk about. We will sometimes play games with our camera’s. Such as taking turns with the camera and then taking a pic of something, like the cement or the wall, and then having the others try to guess what it is. Another fun game is what we call the “Note Game” you each get a piece of paper and write a senence on it like, “A bunny with a lightbulb was chewing gum.” Then you give it to the next person and they draw a quick pic below it describing it best they can. Then they fold it so that the next person can see the pic but not the original sentence. Then the next person gets it and they can just see the pic and they write a sentence of what they think the persons pic means and fold the pic over so the next person only has a senence to draw a pic with. so basically you can keep going as long as you want and eventually you unfold the paper and see how it changed, it can be really funny. Anyway thats just a fun thing to do in line, and there are alot more games out there that you can play.
    Another thing,Disneylands rides are great and you dont want to miss those but if you have time, taking it slow can be nice too. It is a really beautiful place and there are some great shows like Fantasmic. If you can, my advice is to take it slow and get everything in. Though it is crowded it can be really nice. I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope I helped.

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