Parrots at Safari West: A Love Story

Love BirdsThis is a story of a healing love. On our visit to Safari West in Santa Rosa, we met a couple of parrots with a history. Our tour guide told us their tale, and even though I’m a bit sketchy on the details, I can retell the basic plot line. One of the parrots was rescued after a failed attempt to smuggle it into the country. The smugglers put the parrot inside of a cardboard poster tube, and because of that the parrot was severely traumatized. It took weeks for the animal caretakers at Safari West to bring the parrot out of its stressed state. What helped was that another parrot took interest in this troubled parrot and wouldn’t leave his side. She would stand on top of his cage, and help preen his feathers. They have been inseparable ever since. I don’t know if they’re still at Safari West, but look out for them if you go.

The photo of these love birds is linked up at Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday. Check out all the other cool photos.

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10 Responses to Parrots at Safari West: A Love Story

  1. What a terrible & simultaneously sweet story. It never ceases to amaze me the things people do to animals.

  2. melbourneishome

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Great shot of beautiful birds.

  3. That is SO sad. I can’t even imagine that poor creature stuck in a tube!

  4. lovely shot!

  5. Angela Nickerson

    What a sweet story! We all need a little love sometimes. :)


    PS: Happy St. Valentine’s Day (

  6. I always love these stories of animals helping each other…and a perfect post for Valentine’s Day weekend!

  7. WHAT is wrong with people?!!!!! Ugh. But a very happy and incredibly tender ending. Birds are people, too. Better than, actually.

  8. Lorraine Akemann

    Hi Carolina, we plan to go there this Saturday (Feb 21). Did you guys do one of the 3-hour safari tours? Any idea what it would be like in the rain with a 3&5 year old? Lorraine at Keepsmesmiling. Thanks!

  9. We did the basic safari, I think it was 3 hours. My son was 4 1/2 when we went, and he did fine. But it is a long time, and you really can’t get out of the jeep at all since there are the animals. The ride is bumpy at times, and the jeeps not very comfortable. So it might be unpleasant and cold if it’s too rainy.
    It’s great fun if you’re kids are really into animals, but a lot to sit through for the little ones. :)

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