Grandma-Friendly: Charles M. Schulz Museum

Charlie Brown attacksMy mom made me do it. I’m not really the type of girl to drive 2 hours just to go to the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Really, I’m much cooler than that. 

My mom, a fan of Peanuts cartoons, had been wanting to visit this mecca of all things Snoopy for years. So one summer day, I finally agreed to go with her. My mom, my six-year old son, my sister, and I all packed into the car and headed to Santa Rosa, California.

It ended up being cool enough, even for a hipster like myself.  The museum has a few permanent exhibits highlighting the original cartoon drawings of Charles M. Schulz. Most of the exhibits are not really kid-friendly, so I had to guide my son and read the cartoon strips with him. We both got a few laughs and I enjoyed pointing out the process that Schulz when through to get to the final product. If you’ve ever had to talk a little perfectionist off the ledge because his art project didn’t turn out as he envisioned it, then you will appreciate this as well.

There is an art activity room, that had different drawing projects set up for anyone to try, some cartoon drawing books to guide you, and a Peanuts video to watch. We spent over half an hour in this room, mostly because my son is a bit of an artist, so he really wanted to try some Charlie Brown drawings. 

The gardens made for a fun stroll. This is where you will find many Peanut-theme statues, and even a holographic Snoopy. Out in front of the museum there is a Snoopy-shaped maze. The Redwood Empire Ice Arena is right across the street from the museum, and inside you will find the Snoopy Chalet (a.k.a. the restaurant). 

My mom got her Snoopy fix, but my son was a bit dissappointed when he figured out that was all there was to the museum. I think he was expecting some sort of Snoopy amusement park. Oh well, at least the grandma was happy.

Charlie Brown and I are participating in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday, go there and check out all the fabulous pictures.

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11 Responses to Grandma-Friendly: Charles M. Schulz Museum

  1. Debbie Dubrow

    What a great story! I have fond memories of Peanuts from my childhood (when there were no VCRs and you had to wait until the Christmas special came on to see the animated characters). Those specials were one of the very few things my parents would make an exception to the “no TV during dinner” rule for & I probably enjoyed them as much for the novelty of eating in front of the TV as for the shows themselves.

    This weekend we tried showing our kids their very first Peanuts cartoons (a Valentine’s day special) Not only were they completely unimpressed, but my 3 1/2 year old continues to be worried about the fact that poor Charlie Brown didn’t get a card. Sigh, maybe we should have waited another year ;)

  2. I once saw Charles Schultz speak with Annie Lamott about the creative process. It was very weird. She is obviously left of left, and he was ultra-conservative. The angst of Peanuts always bugged me, even as a kid. I can’t figure out the (lasting) appeal. Perhaps a visit to the museum will answer some questions…

  3. My son does like the cartoons now that he is a bit older, but the character of Charlie Brown is a little sad, something bad always happens to him and that stresses my sensitive kid a bit.
    The one weird but fascinating thing about Charles Schulz is how connected he was to the cartoon. How he died the night after his last cartoon was published, is a bit eerie.

  4. soultravelers3

    Cool! We have a few Charlie Brown DVD’s with us as we travel the world on our open ended tour as a family! ;) Kidlet loves them and it is always nice to celebrate holidays with. ;)

  5. Angela Nickerson

    My husband’s boss in MN used to fly to CA every year to play in the senior hockey tournament that Schulz founded. He was a huge hockey fan, and they even have a 70-and-over bracket!

    Oh, and did you see the article this month in the NYT about research into music in Peanuts? It is fascinating! Here’s the link:

  6. Ah, for the Snoopy Amusement park you had to go to Mall of America when it first opened. (It’s Nickelodeon-themed now…) When we’d go in a group to MOA, I’d tell my friends to meet me by Snoopy’s nose. Hard to miss!

  7. He is well spread even here in Sweden since many years back. I’d mind to visit there myself…. Cool trip!

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  9. Motherofalltrips

    I love random little museums like this one. You never quite know what you’ll find.

  10. I love that there’s an ice arena across the street from the museum. I always liked Schultz’ hockey-themed cartoons (I’m a huge hockey fan).
    Too bad you didn’t see Snoopy, he was my favorite character in that strip. Sounds like it was a fun day, anyway.

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