Who hasn’t always wanted to see dinosaurs? Life size dinosaurs! This is every child’s dream! For an ultimate weekend head to Glen Rose, TX. There are so many different things to do. The kid really enjoyed standing in real foot prints of dinosaurs that had lived in the area at one point in time. Being able to dig and search for bones and undiscovered fossils was a great way to get your hands dirty. During the summer there is also a running river so you can beat the heat.

If dinosaurs aren’t your thing definitely check out Fossil Rim Wildlife center. This is basically a drive through zoo. The animals literally come right up to your car. We fed giraffes from our windows! Do be careful their tongues are freakishly long. There are so many different types of animals. They are simply out walking around. If you want a tour the center does provide guided tours through the park.

I wouldn’t wash your car before you go though, animal spit was not something I wanted to leave on the car. This was a great experience for the family. Everything was outdoors and very interactive. It was a great weekend to go technology free.

Seriously a great bonding place and weekend get away.

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So we were in East Texas up around McKinney when the trees started turning.  Dude… it was awesome.

We think we have the best trees up North but the Texas hill Country and East Texas would give our Norther trees a run for the money. It was killer.

Just start at 1-35 and head east in October ahead of the first couple of fronts and it is a really cool drive.  We drove almost to Arkansas and ti was pretty the whole way.

We ended up in Tyler and stayed out near Tyler lake.  It was a really neat bed and breakfast nestle out in the trees near the lake.  Pretty cool if you ever get the chance.

If you want to head up North the Beavers bend or Broken Bow areas,  There is awesome vegetation up there to if you are the outdoor type.  That year of East Texas and South East Oklahoma is some of prettiest  country on earth.  If you ever get a chance to travel down…. do it.

I think Broken Bow/ Beavers Bend can get pretty crowded on holiday weekends through the summer but outside of that the fall and non holiday weekends are awesome.

Once you get back West of I-35, you loose the tree pretty quick. You get a lot of mesquite Trees. But Nothing like the huge Oak trees and Pine trees farther east.  Trees through out the hill country and into West Texas can be really pretty n a rugged kind of way.

I know most may not be that impressed but if you have a free weekend take the significant other load up and go drive.  it is amazing what you will see.


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I have to say that on e best things we have done through our travel is the lofting the Frio river in South Texas. We had a blast.

There is nothing like it back home. Just lay there on your tube and float in the cool river water on a hot South Texas Day.  Man its hard to beat.

So we floated the river until we were well done and then decided that we would head over sand check out Gruene Hall.  It was neat but not exactly what i expected but it was cool all the same.  A neat saloon style dance and concert hall.  It was really crowded but everybody we met was to for a good time so it was good all the same.  I wish we would have camped or rented a a camper and stayed on the river.

That would have been the icing on the cake if we had stayed by a camp fire on the water.  It was really tranquil out there.  You don’t want to have to worry about driving after floating the river all day.  it really easier to serve oneself more than they realize until exiting the river.  Trust  me on this one.

It should be on the bucket list if you haven’t its great with the kids or family or just with the a big group of friends

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Whats up and welcome back to the best blog about western travel and my experience with my time away from the East Coast. Needless to say it has been an experience.  These folks have a different way of life and talk a little different to.  But thats cool once we established some common dialect boundaries so to speak.

Well enough about that. The first thing I want to discuss is some of my recommendations about transportation.  Apparently, Lubbock, Texas has a limited taxi demand.  You land almost in a field and there are defiantly not yellow cabs waiting to pick you.

So whats a person to do.  So we got on google and were going down the list looking for someone to pick us up and get us to the hotel.  A few spots down we found a limo and transportation company.  Needless to say they were awesome.  They knew the area and were there to pick us up in a sedan in about 15 minutes.

It was a good thing because we had no clue how to navigate the area.  Turns out they were a fairly reputable limo company.  They had awesome service and killer cars.  We ended up using them several times through  out the trip.


I would highly recommend them!!!!

So I guess my first recommendation if you are heading away from home.  Do your homework.  Its hard to enjoy a nice hotel when you can’t get to it. lol

Its also hard to find some good local dives to eat at with out talking to somebody. These local transportation companies know the landscape better than anyone.  Call them and start the conversation before you get off the airplane.  It makes it so much easier.  While we lucked into an awesome company.  You are probably not going to be so lucky.

I would also recommend Thai Pepper in Lubbock.  Its a little hole in the wall we hit up on the recommendation of the limo company that was killer.  I would put it up against in anything back home.  You would never guess as you are unloading at the back of a shopping center in the medical district.

So moral of the story…..Do a little research and don’t get stranded at the airport expecting a yellow cab to show up. Things work a little different out west.  Depositphotos_13883905_s


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Welcome to my blog.  I will be discussing the ins and outs of travel in the western US.  Being an east coast native, the western US is like a whole new world.

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